Nova Classifier

Nova Classifier

Separator Classifier

The separator classifier is used primarily for grain cleaning in the milling of wheat, durum whear, corn(maize), rye, soybeans, oats, buckwheat, spelt, millet and rice as well as in storage elevators. It separates coarse and fine impurities from grain via screening and classifies a broad range of materials according to size. In addition to its main field of application, the classifier is also employed successfully in feed mills, seed cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning and cocoa bean grading plants

Excellent separation effect for efficient grain claning

With its two sieve desks, the separator classifier removes coarse impurities like large kernels, string, straw, wood, stones or clumps of soil, as well as fine impurities such as sand and breakage from the grain. In this way, it provides efficient grain cleaning. Throughput capacities reach upto 56t/h in cleaning and up to 20 t/h in grain storage.

In order to optimize the cleaning effect, an optional aspiration channel or air recycling aspirator can be employed, through which low-density particles such as dust, hull fragments or husks can also be separated

Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to optimized design.

The screens and wearing parts on the robust classifier can be changes quickly and easily. In addition, there are no lubrication points - required maintenance is thus reduced to a minimuum.

During the entire process, an automatic cleaning system employing rubber balls ensures continuous, effective cleaning of the screens. Throughput increased while the maintenance requirement simlutaneously decreases.

Flexible application possibilities via optional outlet aspirators

Because the separator can be combined with a number of different aspirators, it can be very flexibly applied

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Classifier Model Deck Capacity
150 / 200 2 Deck 6.0 t/h
100 / 200 2 Deck 4.0 t/h
100 / 200 3 Deck 4.0 t/h
75 / 150 2 Deck 1.5 t/h