Nova Horizontal Cyclone Separator

Nova Horizontal Cyclone Separator

The Gravity Separator is utilised when the limits of air aspiration system are reached. That doesn't mean that a Gravity Separator substitutes the air aspiration, but it is an additional piece of equipment for separating more exactly according to the weight


  1. 1. Apricot pips from sheel parts
  2. 2. Herbs from sticks , earth and other impurities
  3. 3. Spices from sticks, shell and other impurities
  4. 4. Green Coffee beans unshelled beans(cherries), splits and ears
  5. 5. Tea into different qualities
  6. 6. Ergot from rye
  7. 7. Nuts(hazel nuts, peanuts, almonds etc) from shells sticks and other impurities
  8. 8. Grown-out, damaged cereals, wild oat, weed, small, kernels etc
  9. 9. Barley and wheat if the size is the same
  10. 10. Plastic granulates
  11. 11. Soft and hard bones for gelatine production
  12. 12. Copper and insulation of cut wire
  13. 13. Broken cocoa beans from cocoa germs
  14. 14. Cocoa grom shells

Horizontal Cyclone Separator

1. Application for separation light weight particles and dust from aspiration air

Spouting and Machinery Hopper

2. Spouting and Machinery Hopper is a system for conveying material from machine to machine by their own gravity.