Nova Pulse Roll Machine

Nova Pulse Roll Machine


  1. 1. Emery Stones(Silicon cabide)
  2. 2. Screens
  3. 3. Gap adjuster (for gaps between stones and screens)

Highest Power Saving

Nova has stringent design parameters of dynamical balancing, efficient drives & bearing and adjustable counter weight outlet controller. This leads to reduced power requirement for the process. Profitability is greatly improved due to lower power requirement combined with high throughput.

Perfect Hulling - Increased Yield

The following design features ensure uniform hulling and thereby higher yield

  1. 1. Uniform feeding of the product to the emery stones
  2. 2. Geometry of the milling chamber
  3. 3. Adjustable gap between stone and screens
  4. 4. Adjustable counter weight position at the retaining gate

Outstanding design, higher services life, Lower Maintenance

  1. 1. The machined and sectionalized silicon carbide emery stones ensure high service life
  2. 2. The stainless steel screens are engineered for low maintenance and long life operation
  3. 3. Smooth and quiet(Low noise) running
  4. 4. The streamlined aspiration system ensures perfect sanitary conditions and efficient removal of separated seed coat
Approx Weight in Kg  
Unpacked net 650
Seaworthy Packing 800
Pigeon Pea 4.0-5.0
Chick Pea 4.0-5.0
Black Gram 4.0-5.0
Yellow Pea 4.0-5.0
Yellow Lentils 4.0-5.0
Red Lentils 4.0-5.0

Capacity depends on commodity type, variety, grade and input moisture content, Capacities are indicative and not binding.

Nova Hulling machine sets the standards in pulse processing and is the ideal machine for processors who demand the highest in quality, versatility and profitability

Nova is equipped with the latest in technological advances and features to effectively remove seed coats (skin/hull/husk) from pulses, lentils and grams